Free Keyword Tools – Do They Exist?

The Need for Keywords

Do you have a great niche with a new website but don’t know what to do next or how to get traffic to that site? That’s great, I can help you with that :).  Having an interest in something is the perfect start to making progress with any new business idea. One of the main ingredients in starting with your new niche is to become an affiliate marketer. This will require a huge learning curve and one of the main things to doing affiliate marketing successfully is to use keywords. But when you are just starting out, it’s hard to justify costs for your SEO and keyword tools so I’ve put together a list of free keyword tools to help you get started.


free keyword tools

Did you know that when you create a website with your dazzling new niche idea you can monetize it? Even though you might not be thinking that at first, it’s certainly something to think about and not feel bad or uncomfortable about either.  We all need money to put food on the table, so it makes sense that if you have a great niche that you want to share with the world. So if you’re working out how to get traffic to help you get some income coming in, you will need to use SEO practices to help increase your traffic.

What is SEO?

Your next question I’m guessing is what is SEO? So many people offline just don’t know what this means or stands for. Once you enter the online world of affiliate marketing its something you need to learn quickly.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is where a website utilizes relevant keywords to help them rank high in search engines so they get free organic traffic to their site. This can then lead to someone clicking on affiliate links within that website and go ahead to make a purchase. So ranking high in Google or Bing search engines have potential monetary value and builds an audience for a website.

Search engines also crawl websites to understand what they are about and how they can help people searching for content and looking for answers to their questions. It’s also important that websites with good SEO are easy to navigate and are user-friendly.

When websites make their content relevant to the keywords used, this enhances the user experience, thus helping customers to return. This will ensure your site gets ranked higher by search engines and bring increased free traffic.


For the absolute beginner, you might be wondering what are keywords and how are they related to affiliate marketing? Keywords are based on words used on your website that help searchers find your website on the various search engines. There are more than just Google. Keywords are words that people use to search for things online. whether that be products or have a question about something.

How many times have you wondered something then thought, ‘hey, I’ll ask Google’.  So what you type into the search bar gets counted as a keyword search. Google monitors what people search for in those searches. It helps Google or Bing to work out which websites to show and where. Those who’s pages make it to the first page for particular keywords have established themselves well in that keyword search and get recognized by google.

Low hanging fruit

This is a strategy whereby one can do a google search by typing in the niche idea, for instance, what is the ketogenic diet. This will bring up a bunch of suggestions by Google which you can get ideas from that will have fewer searches for them. You then plug in your google auto-suggested keywords into a keyword tool such as Jaxxy then see what the analysis brings up.

You can also type in ‘what is the ketogenic diet’ followed by the alphabet for autosuggestions from Google. This will give you low hanging fruit keywords as they have fewer competing searches. This will allow your keywords to be ranked higher in Google searches for that keyword search.

Finding keywords can be tricky if you don’t understand what they are. Below are ways to find keywords to consider using in your posts and then create content around. Although free keyword tools are available, they don’t provide as much value for your research as paid tools offer.

To learn more about keywords you can get free access to try it out and learn at your own pace through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

free keyword tools

Free Keyword Tools


My #1 Keyword tool is Jaxxy. It offers really helpful information including:

  • the average number of searches
  • traffic – showing the number of visits to your website if you were to use that keyword
  • Quoted search results. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for that exact keyword
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – this is indicated by a number and color. Green for great, Yellow for okay or Red for poor.
  • SEO: Score based on traffic and competition. When the score is higher you are more likely to rank for that keyword.
  • When you sign up for the free version you have 30 searches available.
  • If you were to join Wealthy Affiliate you can have access to it for free as part of your premium package.

free keyword tools


Wordstream offer a free keyword tool, however, this is only a trial.  Once the trial period ends, they offer  3 price points to consider for your business and keyword needs. See below:

free keyword tools

There is value in paying for a keyword tool to help you improve your SEO and ranking on Google searches.

If you’re a clever cookie, you can make use of all of the keyword tools available that have a limited trial. Utilize all you can then move onto the next one till that too runs out. By then, if you have been able to build your site through your keyword research you can afford to upgrade.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is more of a measure of what paid ads have been used for. Not for search engine optimization. It can also be difficult to use. It does help you with finding which keywords to use for paid ads.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free Chrome extension that shows local search volume number estimates in approx 19 countries so far.  It is similar to its counterpart Keywords Everywhere which used to be free but now requires payments.

It shows the number of searches in the country you select in the search engine results as shown below.

free keyword tools

Search volume estimates are also added to the autosuggest keywords available too.

This can be used for your own research for working out whether a potential keyword will be valuable to use or not.


Another useful free keyword tool to help you find potential keywords for your site. To get started with this keyword tracker you get 12 free searches before being offered to upgrade to either a monthly plan or annual payment for unlimited access. They offer a free 7 -day trial with the option to upgrade to either $27 per month, $69 or $99 per month. Each option increases in the number of available keyword searches.

The keywords are found from real searches that real people have put into search engines.

It includes keywords that customers are ready to use.

They have a trustworthy database.

And when you are paying for your subscription, you have access to the latest data.

free keyword tools

Google Trends

It gives you useful data on the frequency or popularity that words have been searched for over a period of time.

You can select the timeframe you want to examine for the trend for your topic.

This can give you great insights into how a niche or particular topic or product has been looked up in a visual form.

It shows how trends change over time showing the relative popularity over time.

Answer the Public

This is another fabulous free keyword tool that was developed as Google’s ability to understand natural language improved over time. It’s risen in response to people using voice searches.

So when you make your content match a searcher’s answer it will boost your success and ranking on search engines.

It combines your main keywords with various question words (like whowhatwhy, etc.).

For instance, if I wanted to create a post about anxiety for my other site Heart Mindfully (sorry for the blatant plug there 😉 I can go to Answer the Public and enter Anxiety with the following results below.

free keyword tools

As you can see, when you enter the topic Anxiety, it shows numerous possible questions that relate to that topic that start with propositions. This gives you lots of options for considering what keywords to focus on in your blog post.

You can also choose to have it listed instead of the image as shown above.

It seems that Answer the Public get their data from Google autosuggest and it’s keyword planner.


Simply add in your keyword Google does this thing where it uses autosuggest. One way to apply this is by using the alphabet soup method. This helps you come up with ideas you may never have thought of and can give you a wealth of ideas to use for keywords.

There’s also the box that has People also ask section when doing a google search.

Google also has a trick you can apply – click on any of those questions and Google will open up more. When you do this, you get heaps of ideas of what people are actually asking which can increase your keyword options for your blog posts.

Getting Traffic

This will involve using social media, email marketing, and even joining forums on your niche topic and be involved in contributing to the discussions and add your website where appropriate without sounding like you’re spamming.

It takes a lot of time to share on social media, build up a following and involvement in the forums or groups that are part of your niche but if you want to grow your brand, be prepared to be patient, and persistent in your endeavors.

Final Words

So when you ask the question, how can I make money with affiliate marketing, the answer is to learn about keywords and apply the work that’s required. Create content with keywords in mind. It’s no walk in the park and does require ongoing effort and time. If you aren’t sure how to do this or need to learn how to do affiliate marketing to grow your online presence you can get a free account and training with 10 training courses or upgrade to premium and have access to over 70 training courses. The choice is yours. To get started and trial it today click on the image below.

free keyword tools


What has your experience been with affiliate marketing? I would love to hear your experiences below, in the comments section.

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